All this talk about EDC and pretty pictures almost always show a knife in the mix.  If you’ve given serious thought to what you’re carrying and why, you have considered the reasons for carrying and using one.  Whether rescue, secondary weapon, work-related or opening cartons of coke at your local movie set, the reasons vary.  As do the knife designs.  A fixed blade is a serious tool and for the same very specific reasons.  Colonel Blades, has designed their Low Vz (Pro) models with those considerations in mind.  They Colonel and NCO LowVz models are specific, mission-oriented curved blade knives, intended with a specific application.  I read somewhere that you should be wary of someone who does one thing, because they probably do it very well.  This is clearly the case with the Colonel.  If you’re getting hungry right now, it’s just years of subliminal advertising and you should ignore it.  With all seriousness, the veteran-operated company has put a lot of time and commitment into the LowVz, and it is evident the moment you hold one.

The reasons for carrying a fixed blade are specific to the need for, and actual design of the blade.  ColonelBlades focuses their application on defensive use, and instinctive movement for that purpose.  The shape of the blade, as well as the intended draw and target are similar to the movements and steps of drawing, presenting and applying a firearm.  The idea is that you are used to punching out a handgun, and that muscle memory can be harnessed for your blade.  But the functionality doesn’t stop there.  A fixed knife allows faster access to the working part of what you need, the cutting surface.  Whatever you need it for, it’s there faster.

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