Carrying concealed can be impractical or uncomfortable. Perhaps you are happy with your appendix carry holster when you are standing up, however, when you have to sit for a few hours it will drive you crazy.

Concealing a sidearm is not always an option; some of us have jobs that don’t allow it or perhaps we are students on a gun free campus. This situation will require us to leave home with just a knife, flashlight and some ass-kicking skills that we learned from watching MMA.  I was looking for a knife that wouldn’t ask for attention; pocket clips are sometimes flashy and stand out. Another option would be to carry a trusty Leatherman, but I want to be able to count on my blade in a fight so rapid deployment is key.

The Colonel Blades LowVz filled a gap in my knife collection.

Starting with the sheath, most sheaths attach by running your belt through it or rigging up a loop with zip ties and Molle straps. This sheath utilizes a clip similar to the clips used on popular G-code holsters. This allows you to rapidly secure it or remove it without removing your belt to do so. The clip is also secured at one point on the sheath that allows the knife to pivot making it more comfortable as you move. When you place the blade inside you hear an audible click letting you know its secure.

Colonel Blades LowVz kit

The blade itself is made from AUS 8 steel and measures 2.75 inches long. If cutting boxes is your thing then this won’t scare your coworkers like many longer fixed blades.

Colonel Blades LowVz kit

Drawing the blade is very natural; you get a complete purchase on the handle with one finger in the hole. Some people with smaller hands might get two fingers in there. Once deployed, fighting with the knife is as easy as punching your target. You will also find that transitioning to a slashing technique is seamless and rapid making this knife devastating right out of the box.

A trainer is also included in this kit. The training blade does not fit in the sheath so practicing a draw with it is not happening. The round tip on the trainer makes it punching bag friendly though.

Since I got this knife it has transitioned from my everyday carry to my plate carrier. For a long time I carried a dagger close to my chin and it always got caught on my weapons sling. The curved handle of the knife has a smaller profile that does not interfere with the rest of my equipment.

Colonel Blades LowVz kit

Whether you’re a biker, Ranger, law enforcement or everyday carry fanatic, the Colonel Blades knife will not let you down.

Author – William Hoyt is a former Army Ranger of 1/75. He is now pursuing his bachelors in psychology and coaching swimming.

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