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Colt .45 automatic.” For shooters of my generation, that phrase just has a ring to it. When I got into handguns, it was a term used more often than “1911,” perhaps in part because Colt was pretty much the sole commercial manufacturer of 1911-style pistols then. And yes, I know, the Gun Grammar Police will cry, “It’s a semi-automatic!” But, oddly enough, it was Colt who stamped the word “automatic” right on the slide, and the term does properly describe the feeding mechanism if not the firing mechanism. The company’s latest 1911 is the Colt Combat Unit Rail Gun, which is available in both 9mm and .45 ACP, and I got my hands on the latter for testing.

Warrior Specs

Colt’s Combat Unit Rail Gun: A Top-of-the-Line 1911

Out of the box, the first thing I noticed was that the pistol did indeed have “GOVERNMENT MODEL AUTOMATIC CALIBER 45” right there on the slide for all to see. The Combat Unit Rail Gun has a business-like flat gray finish on its stainless steel slide and frame. Like Colt’s other Rail Guns, the dust cover features a sturdy Picatinny rail. Within the slide is a 5-inch National Match barrel, and a dual recoil spring is installed on John Moses Browning’s short spring guide, ensuring this 1911 is easy to take down for cleaning and maintenance.

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