Combat Flip Flop’s is a Veteran owned, and operated business which operates under the mantra, “Unapologetically, we make cool stuff in dangerous places”. I wrote about the first time I learned of this company in, “When Flip Flops Aren’t Enough”. To summarize, Griff and Lee (while conducting combat deployments to Afghanistan) saw a group of people who wanted jobs, not handouts. They believed that through business, not bullets they could more positively effect change in conflicted areas. To hear the whole story take a look at the video below.

Another chapter in their story was their appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, where they were able to negotiate their way into a multi-shark deal. Their products include sarong (made in Afghanistan), their sandal line (made in Columbia), their jewelry line (bangles/coin wrap made from unexploded ordnance in Laos), and additional products made in the United States.

I have owned a pair of the 2015 AK-47s (sandal) for about a year, and they are still holding up well. I decided I wanted to diversify my sandal collection so I returned to Combat Flip Flop. I wanted something different from I already had. I settled on the 2016 Floperator (available in Black, Tan and Green). Unlike my Ak-47s the floperators aren’t made with leather throughout. Instead the Floperator uses a rubberized cushion, and tubular nylon for the thong portion. The same combat boot rubber outsole is used, giving the sandal stability and control.

2016 Floperator (Left), and 2015 AK-47 (Right)
2016 Floperator (Left), and 2015 AK-47 (Right)

Recently I took a trip out to the coast with the family. As is typical with most open ocean beaches, there was a rock jetty protruding out into the ocean. People were looking at me like I was crazy as I hopped from one rock to the other in my flip-flops. I can’t overstate what having a quality outsole does to the usage of flip-flops. There is a Velcro section along the thong (2 3/4”) with the patches, “Bad for Running, and Worse for Fighting”.

Patches are removable if you're looking for customization
Patches are removable if you’re looking for customization

This saying goes along with the idea of facing the reality of war through irony. I had someone ask me about my AK-47’s and I showed them all the featured (AK casings, poppy flower printing), and they were initially taken aback. How can you say this company is helping people, while wearing bullet casings and poppy flowers? The designs are meant to be thought provoking and sobering, but most importantly, to start a conversation.

Right now Combat Flip Flop have a sale going on over at their website (Click here to check it out). The Floperators are normally $34.99, but you can snag your own pair for $24.99. While you are there take a look at their other products. A quick disclaimer, sometimes you will have to wait a little longer than you think for your product to arrive. Remember, conflict countries regularly have interruptions in business, shipping, and normal day-today operations.

Also, if you’re an amputee they have a conversion kit which will allow you to wear your own Floperators. CFF explains, “If you’re an amputee, we’ve got you covered. The Floperator Amputee Retrofit Strap (ARS) secures the CFF Floperator model to a prosthetic foot, so even if you’re missing a wheel you can navigate every season with confidence. The ARS is available as a free accessory on our Floperator model for the men and women who deserve it most.”