Bungee K-9 lanyard (military for leash) with Fast Capture hardware. The jaws snap shut around collar upon contact and stretches progressively from 3′ to 5′.  Also can be purchased in 5′ – 7′.

Many of us enjoy the personal protection provided by our working dogs and now, thanks to the people of Combat K-9, we have accessories that are almost as bad ass as our K-9 partners.

Walking my 120 pound German Shepherd in public can include some “tug-o-war” when she would get triggered and having a little “give” provided by the bungee makes for a better experience for both us. This lanyard is modeled the same as some of the tactical slings we would use in the Teams while conducting dynamic entries.

If your in the market, or just plane interested, you can pick this up at a discount at: Combat K-9