Many times we find ourselves “training” on the range or at home.  I ask my students often to describe or show me their combat training regimen. More often than not, I have to break them some bad news….It’s not “combat” training.

When training for combat, self-defense, or home defense, you need to practice realistically.  9 times out of 10, you won’t know when the attack is going to happen, and you’ll probably not be as fast as you think you will be due to stress, tunnel vision, etc.

There is a simple and cheap product you can purchase for your smart phone or tablet.  The Dry Fire Timer App.  I recommend this product for my students and those who want to increase speed, set up a training regimen, and build solid muscle memory.  Surviving in close combat comes down to three key things, speed, accuracy, and willingness to commit to what you intend to do to another human being.  I’ll focus on the first two.  Building speed and accuracy takes a lot of practice in order to build muscle memory, so no matter what the situation may be, your body goes into auto pilot and does what it’s trained to do.  The Dry Fire Timer App can help you build that muscle memory needed.  I use this religiously.

You want to drill, drill, and drill some more until your able to draw (concealed or not), get sights on target, and squeeze (dry), with a par time of under 1.5 seconds from 20-25 feet away.  Don’t cheat yourself!

App Description

Improve your shooting skills by practicing with an unloaded firearm!
* Custom drills schemes
* Customizable repetitions and par time intervals
* Shift par time in one click
* Audio assistant
* Visual signals
* Drill prepare delay & unlimited strings