10 Rounds at 5 Yards: A performance measure

In the last part we discussed the importance of a good fighting stance for the rifle as a foundation to build on. Now we will discuss a skills drill that will help a shooter to test whether or not their stance grip and position on the rifle will be suitable for combat shooting.

This shooting drill called “10 rounds at 5 yards” is a simple drill that involves firing 10 rounds inside a circle that is around 9 or 10 inches in diameter at a distance of 5 yards. The shooter can load just 10 rounds into the magazine so that the shooter doesn’t have to count and can focus on the sights, trigger and recoil management. The target itself can be a disposable paper plate stapled onto a silhouette target such as an IDPA or ISPC target.

Before we go any furthur we have to know about the origins of this drill in order to gain a better insight into why and how the drill should be done. This drill was created by Mike Pannone (an ex Delta Force operator) and his drill, named the “Platform Drill”, started at 10 rounds at 20 yards within 10 seconds followed by 10 rounds at 10 yards in 5 seconds and finally 10 rounds at 5 yards in 2.5 seconds. Mike Pannone then passed this drill onto Kyle Lamb (also ex Delta Force operator) after which he renamed it the “Half and Half” drill.

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