Back in September of 2011 I reviewed the Combative Edge SR11 by Rob Walker. Since that time I have had ample opportunity to run my SR11 through the preverbal ringer, but also to take note of the other knives of the Combative Edge line, including the M1 folder and the ultra aggressive Salus fixed blade.

In late 2012 Rob Walker reintroduced the SR11 in black G10 (replacing the former green linen micarta) and I knew that I had to have one, only this time with a partially serrated blade.

In January, Rob and I were able to connect at the Shot Show in Las Vegas. We discussed many things including design philosophy and application. Through our discussion, I started to feel as if I were missing out by not owning the Salus and the M1, so I asked that Rob let me know when the Salus would again become available.

Rob and I made a lot of productive discussion in the time that we had. Getting to know Rob a bit better, I found that we had quite a bit in common. Rob has an interesting background and has worked with a variety of well know authorities in the field of edged weapon combatives. He doesn’t promote this fact personally, in part because Rob is simply not the type to self promote, but also, as Rob would put it, some of the individuals that he learned edged weapons craft from are “well known, but not well liked”. I for one can empathize with such sentiment.

The Knives
Early this last month a package arrived at my door. The contents included the Combative Edge Salus fixed blade and the M1 folder. Having acquired the SR11 late last year, my Combative Edge collection was now complete.

The Combative Edge M1 and SR11

Out of the box, the M1 offered immediate familiarity given the features and benefits of the SR11 that I have grown accustomed to. As with the SR11, the M1 is a large and formidable folder with a slim profile making the M1 ultra suitable for every day carry.

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