Reviewing holsters is always fun, and I really love being proven wrong when I see an idea I think is a failure. One such idea I thought was a bit too far was the Comfort Cling Holster from Clinger Holsters. I like the No Print Wonder V2, so I figured I could give them a chance. The Comfort Cling Holster looks like a pocket holster, plain and simple, but its supposed to be an IWB holster. The Comfort Cling Holster is a clip-less design, and when I originally read that I was lost. I thought it seemed like an idea that just wouldn’t work.

Without a clip the Comfort Cling would surely move around, shift, slide up and down as I moved, and at worst it would simply fall down my leg the moment the tension wasn’t perfect. I’d give it a fair shake though.

Was I Wrong about the Comfort Cling?

Yep. That’s an easy one.

Why Was I Wrong?

Well, now after a few months of use I can say I was wrong for a variety of reasons. First, the gun itself doesn’t move in any measurable way. It fits in the waistband the same way any standard IWB holster would. This includes strong side and appendix.  I carried strong side with a Walther PPS M1 for months now and it never moved an inch, left or right, or up and down. It stayed put.

I hate being wrong so I went out of my way trying to prove myself right. While wearing the holster I tried a few more dynamic movements. I squatted over and over, got on one knee, left then right, I climbed a ladder, and hell I even did box jumps. The holster stayed put.

That’s Not All Folks

The Comfort Cling is remarkably comfortable. It’s gel-like cushion feel good against the skin and doesn’t rub you raw. It also doesn’t chafe or rub in any way. With a small enough gun you’ll forget that its even there. With my Walther PPS M1 I forgot all about it.

That gel-like cushion is also water resistant, means it won’t absorb any sweat and transfer it to your gun. The Comfort Cling features a full-length sweat guard as well. Even when I was sweaty (Which is often) the holster doesn’t become slick and slide.

Drawing from the holster is quite easy, and the holster never came with the gun. The grip is left exposed and it’s easy to grip and draw. Although the design does have the holster and gun cling to the body closely, so it doesn’t present like a duty holster does. It’s just as easy as any other deep concealment IWB holster.

The Downsides

The only real downside I can come up with is the fact the holster collapses when the gun is drawn. It’s not a major deal since it’s easy to remove entirely. Without a clip, you can pull the holster out of your waistband, put the gun back in it, and then put the gun and holster back in your waistband.

Parting Shots

The Comfort Cling From Clinger Holsters is a fantastic little holster and it’s only 20 bucks. That’s a great little value. It comes in a few different sizes and searching by a gun on their website is the best way to find the right size for your gun.