I’ve been carrying a handgun professionally and personally for twenty-six years.  Like most gun owners I have a box of holsters that I have accumulated over the years.  All were to be the last one I would ever need.  I still occasionally purchase carry gear, but for the past six or seven years my go to holster(s) and accessories have been Comp Tac paddle holsters and clip on accessories.  The holster and related items are made from kydex and the quality is top notch.  I’ve used and carried the Glock 19 paddle holster and single magazine pouch for years professionally, personally, and for pistol classes.  Up to twelve hours at a time with no issues or discomfort.   Holster and mag pouch tension are adjustable with via a hex screw and wrench (provided with purchase).

Comp Tac Carry Gear
Comp-Tac belt clips

What I really like about the paddle holster and clip on accessories is the ability to put them on and off with minimal hassle.  If I’m out on my own time or professionally and need to remove my pistol for any reason (Think Gun Free Zone).  I can quickly take it off without having to take off my belt and the related issues with that.  Additional items I have are the double pistol magazine pouch, M4 magazine pouch, and pouch for my Surefire 6P (Bezel up or down versions are available as well as other models of lights.).  All are made to fit on a 1.5” belt (other belt sizes and attachment methods are available).  I’ve never had any item come off of my belt unless I removed it.  All items have held up with no issues or noticeable wear with consistent use.  I have similar setups for all of my carry pistols.  Comp Tac service has been 100% and they offer a 10% military and law enforcement discount.   Comp Tac offers a number of different holster options and also has holsters and accessories for revolvers.

Author – Art Dorst served in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserves and eventually retired as an NCO from The Army National Guard.  He is also a retired municipal Police Officer, a Certified EMT, and is currently a professional security provider and trainer.