I’ve been in a corporate environment for almost 10 years now and not a day goes by where I hit that proverbial wall mid afternoon. All I want to do is put my head down on my desk and take a nap. Sometimes I find myself going for a walk to help re-energize or grabbing another cup of coffee. The problem with pouring another cup of coffee is that I end up letting it sit and it cools down (I hate drinking room temperature coffee). Compete Energy Bites has answered the call to break through that mid afternoon wall and finish your day out strong and alert.

Compete Energy Bites | Break Through That Mid Afternoon Work Wall

I recently received a package from Compete Energy containing both the chocolate and mocha energy bites. I’ve tried both and my preference goes to the mocha flavored bites.

Each pack contains two energy bites that are about the same size as those small chocolates you get in gift boxes. Each Energy Bite is equivalent to 12 ounces of coffee, so with a single pack and can get the same amount of caffeine as I would if I drank two cups of coffee.

Compete Energy Bites | Break Through That Mid Afternoon Work Wall

You could also throw these in a day hike bag for when you need a little extra boost of energy during that long day hike.

Compete Energy Bites | Break Through That Mid Afternoon Work Wall

From the Compete Energy Bites website:

COMPETE® Energy Bites are a convenient, great tasting way to increase your energy whether you’re at the gym, at work, or on the field! Available in a small 2-count pack or 6-count box, you can take Compete anywhere. Drop them in your purse, your workout bag, backpack, or briefcase. Keep them handy in your desk drawer. On the go, or at home, Compete® Energy Bites help you reach peak performance in all of life’s endeavors.

Available in chocolate or mocha, each bite is packed with 135 mg. of caffeine and no more than 45 calories.

*Photos courtesy of Compete Energy Bites Facebook Page

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