SnagMag knows that no survivor of a gunfight has come out of the life or death situation thinking, “I wish I hadn’t carried that extra ammunition on me.”  Is there such a thing as “extra” ammunition?

How much ammunition is enough ammunition to carry when carrying concealed?  Is what you have in the gun going to be enough? Is a magazine at the bottom of a pocket going to be retrievable in an emergency?

Doing a pocket dump of everything that I carry with me can tend to feel excessive.  My pockets tend to become overly full. Sacrifices are often made, and things get left at home.  Leaving ammunition at home can be a bad idea.

Enter the SnagMag.  It looks like a pocketknife and it functions as a magazine pouch.  It keeps the magazine properly staged for an indexed draw.

Wandering the halls of SHOT Show 2018 I came across a small booth for SnagMag.  It’s a smart, simple design that looks like a clipped pocket knife.

I love that the design is obviously from a shooter that uses proper techniques.  As you draw the magazine from the pocket, it forces you to use a proper indexed technique.  As you draw the magazine out, the smart design of SnagMag keeps it in the pocket, releasing your magazine.

SnagMag has a myriad of sizes to fit over 80 popular pistol magazines.  SnagMag will create new models when there’s enough demand for one.  When SnagMag discovers an existing SnagMag works for a new magazine, they add it to their list.  SnagMag also offers custom fittings for customers at no extra charge.

When you order yours, keep in mind that everything that SnagMag does is by Shooting Hand.  If you’re a right-handed shooter, select right as your shooting hand, and you will receive a SnagMag that is designed for your left pocket.

Each SnagMag is custom fit to the factory magazines.  Aftermarket extensions, sleeves, and grips can sometimes compromise the fit and/or function of the SnagMag.  My Glock 19 magazine from Magpul worked just fine in the SnagMag.

SnagMag warrants their products with a limited lifetime warranty and starts at about $35.00.

I have fallen in love with my SnagMag and it has become a part of my everyday carry.  My only question I have now is, should I be carrying two of the SnagMag’s on me?