For a few years now I have been wearing TRU-SPEC pants for my everyday pant. One those began to wear out I decided to look for something different. I wanted to get away from the ‘tactical’ look; no more cargo pants with 18 different pockets that scream I have weapons. I wanted pants that blend in and have no tactical appearance whatsoever, but are still quality made and rugged enough for everyday wear and concealed carry. These pants need to be able to support my pistol, flashlight, and blade (sometimes two blades), along with my 1.5” low-vis belt for concealed carry.

Concealed Carry Clothing | Prana Pants
The Prana Bronson pants support a 1.5″ concealed carry belt perfectly

Once I started my search for that perfect pair of pants that met my requirements I started to get lost in all the brands out there. I looked at TRU-SPEC, 5.11, Vertx, Carhart, and several others. As the frustration started to grow I decided to reach out to a guy who’s opinion I respect when it comes to the gun industry and concealed carry. Without hesitation he mentioned Prana. I honestly never heard of Prana until he mentioned them. I went to their website to check out what they had. I quickly decided on the Prana Bronson Pants. I typically wear 34×34 when it comes to pants, which surprisingly is not easy to find a lot of the time. Prana had my size and the colors I liked, so I put my order in for two pairs.

These pants are not covered in tacti-cool pockets and velcro. They have your standard front and rear pockets that you see on ‘normal’ pants and a slip pocket on the outer thigh of the right leg. I personally use this slip pocket for my Streamlight Protac flashlight. You could also use the pocket for a spare pistol magazine or tourniquet without drawing attention to yourself.

Concealed Carry Clothing | Prana Pants
EDC Flashlight slips into this pocket perfectly

If you’re in the market for a new pair of pants that can be used as business casual, but are rugged enough and flexible enough for concealed carry, then check out the line of pants and shorts that Prana has to offer.