The Bill Drill. Originally developed by Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat, it’s my go-to concealed carry drill. It tests almost everything you need to be proficient at for concealed carry. The only one better is the El Presidente. Simply put, the drill is draw and fire 6 on target under time. Traditionally this was done with an IPSC A box at 7. I like to use a B-C zone piece of steel at 10. Standards to strive for is sub 2 seconds from open carry and sub 3 seconds from concealed.

Performing the Bill Drill

It starts with the draw. The draw is the most crucial skill in carrying concealed. If you can’t draw quickly and get an accurate first round hit, you need to be training those skills until you can. However, the draw portion really only tests speed and accuracy fundamentals. The next portion really tells you how good your draw technique is.

Drawing quickly and getting a solid hit is hard. Drawing quickly for 6 quick shots is harder. You can be sloppy and still get a hit or two at speed. But 6 in a row 30-second0 second splits is not gonna happen sloppily. To get this drill done in under 3 seconds, not only does your draw need to be fast but it also needs to end with your grip, stance, muzzle control, etc. all being solid.

Work your way up to 6. Start with 2 shots, then 4, then 6. Start slow, really focus on ending the draw with a solid grip and stance. Work on trigger control. You don’t wanna waste movement and time coming past trigger reset before breaking another shot.

The bill drill is a classic for a reason. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

Author – Seth joined the Army in 2006 and went to Iraq a couple times doing LRRP work for the 82nd Airborne. After that, he played the Private Military Contractor game for a while until he decided to pursue a degree in economics. He now works as a data analyst and firearms instructor.