Well it’s Summer and the weather is really hot and humid here in my state of Florida. It’s like that in a lot of places in the Summer months. Probably in your area also. Being the dedicated concealed carry (CC) person I am, I accept responsibility for carrying all the time. But, I hate it in the Summer and hot weather months, even though some say it is healthy. It is so uncomfortable to wear a coat or even a lightweight jacket or buttonup shirt, or even a tucked one and get all sticky. Certainly for me as a retired codger, shorts are more comfortable and preferred than long pants. A lot of the ladies here wear short capri pants because they are cooler. Layers of clothing are definitely out when it’s 90 degrees with 90% humidity. (But, the mositure makes my wife’s skin nice.) So what do I do? How do I adapt and modify my CC approach, gear, gun, clothes, and attitude, etc. Here are 5 things I do when carrying in the summertime.

1 – Wear Roomy Loose Fitting Shirts 

The Paris Fashion experts tell me that the Baggy Look is in now for concealed carry. I recall the Seinfeld episode where Jerry had the puffy shirt with very billowy sleeves; he looked like a pirate. So I guess I must throw out my tight-fitting t-shirts and tank tops, my billowy-sleeved shirts, and my pegged pants from the 80s and even from 2010. It doesn’t really matter to me what the fashion and style police say goes, I just wear looser and comfortable clothes. I reluctantly accept the utilitarian nature of big and baggy clothes, but it does help accomplish the carry purpose. So I usually wear the loose, straight-bottom cut, untucked short-sleeved camp shirts, sometimes called Hawaiian or aloha shirts, lounge shirts, Guayabera or Cuban-type shirts. I like the lightweight pure linen ones or cotton and linen blend because they are so comfortable and can be naturally worn not tucked into pants or shorts, but get them big so there is no printing with your carry gun. Also some of the patterns and designs help with concealability. Some loose polo shirts and over-sized t-shirts can also work. 

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