Since their inception in 2005, Raven Concealment Systems has been known for their line of both concealment holsters and duty holsters. Since then they continue to innovate and bring holsters to the market that are both functional, and rugged. They have also worked with Special Operations combat veterans to develop holsters with real world input.

On the eve of this holiday season, Raven Concealment is set to release a concealed carry holster which is like none they have done before – The Morrigan. Other holsters from Raven Concealment are typically built with modularity in mind, giving the user multiple ways to employ the gear. The new Morrigan holster is considered to be an application specific holster. According to the CEO of Raven Concealment Systems this new holster is purpose-built to have a smaller streamlined profile for those that carry inside the waistband at either the 3 o’clock, or 4 o’clock position.

Concealed Carry: Raven Concealment Morrigan
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Some key features of the new Morrigan holster from Raven Concealment:

  • Ambidextrous
  • Adjustable cant and retention
  • Utilizes IWB soft loop for attachment to your belt
  • Innovative “tourniquet-style” retention system, which uses a band of Velcro to increase or decrease the retention of the weapon. By using the Velcro instead of the more popular adjustment screw you have a more secure adjustment point. What I mean by that is sometimes with a screw they tend to loosen up over time and use. The Velcro does not loosen up and it’s easier to mark with a sharpie where your preferred adjustment for retention is. The Velcro is also easier to replace whereas if you lose the screw it’s not quite as easy to find one. Due to the simplicity of this innovative retention system, in a pinch you could use; ranger bands, duct tape, 550 cord, or even plastic tie wraps (in the event the Velcro fails or gets lost).

The Morrigan holster will be in stock and available starting Black Friday from the network of Raven Concealment dealers. The current offering will be available for the following handguns.

  • Glock 17, 19, 23
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Full Size (9, 40, 357)
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Compact
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield
Concealed Carry: Raven Concealment Morrigan
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The MSRP on this new innovative holster is only $49.99. Compared to other holsters on the market that cost twice as much and make you wait for weeks on end, the Raven Concealment Morrigan is a great alternative from a company with a respected history. If you carry concealed you owe it to yourself to carry in a quality made holster.

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