It brings my heart joy to see the rise in automatic knives. Major companies like Hogue are producing a wide variety of Auto Knives, the Infidel by Benchmade is a household name if you like knives, and we are seeing changes to knife legislation throughout the USA. It’s not always the big names who create the best knives. For example, you may have never heard of Conquest Tactical and the Fury OTF. If you have an interest in OTFs and automatic knives then it’s a name you may want to learn. The Fury is a full-sized automatic knife designed for one simple thing.

The Conquest Tactical Fury - It's for stabbing people

It’s for stabbing people. It’s for defensive use. It fills the realm of a concealed carry weapon that doesn’t fire a projectile. People seem to get uncomfortable when you say that first sentence, but it’s true. This is a defensive knife, made to stick people who need to be stuck. It’s really no different from a Ruger LCP or a J Frame revolver; its made for defensive purposes.

This isn’t a knife designed for cutting rope, or prying, or whittling sticks. If you are planning to carry the Conquest Tactical Fury I’d advise also carrying a traditional working knife as well for those EDC knife tasks.

How the Conquest Tactical Fury Functions

The Conquest Tactical utilizes a simple button that is pushed upwards to present the blade and pressed downwards to conceal it again. This means the knife can be both opened and closed with one hand in about half a second. The knives ‘trigger’ is heavy, but not heavy enough to tire the hand. It’s not going to accidentally go off in your pocket either. There is a slight take up in the trigger, and you reach a wall, pressing just a bit more sends the blade out with significant force.

The Conquest Tactical Fury - It's for stabbing people

Conquest Tactical advises the owner to lubricate the blade with lighter fuel, the same kind used for Zippos. Pour some in, dump it out and let it dry. That’s the only advised lubrication, and should be done every 200 opens. The Fury uses a locking mechanism made from D2 steel for heavy and rough stabbing. It’s far from fragile and truly designed for fighting.

Designed For War

The Fury is made from 154 Cm steel, a robust and multi-purpose steel. It can be sharpened and honed to a razor’s edge, holds a solid edge and is highly corrosion resistant. The blade ends in a tanto designed tip, which is, of course, perfect for stabbing. A tanto is really designed to pierce armor which may be overkill, but if you have to go through leather, winter layers or other thicker clothing options, it’s what you want. It’s better to have and not need, then need and not have.

The Conquest Tactical Fury - It's for stabbing people

The blade itself is solid and lacks any kind of holes or grooves that are commonly used to reduce blade weight it OTF knives. The blade itself is 3.91 inches to help make knife legal in the majority of states. Conquest Tactical also has the blades hardened and tempered as well as put through cryogenic processing. The end result is an extremely strong blade that’s ready to go to war.

Knife Goes Thump

Now besides the blade, you get a nice thumper on the opposite end. This little spike is an alternative option for fighting. The thumper is a less lethal choice for some pain compliance. It’s also handy if you need to react before you can even get the blade out.

The Conquest Tactical Fury - It's for stabbing people

One of the features that shines the brightest in this design is the handle. The grip itself is wonderfully ergonomic and fits the hand extremely well. The grip features what are best called ‘waves’ and are used to position the hand in a natural fighting grip that can retain the knife, but also activate the blade mechanism.

The Conquest Tactical Fury - It's for stabbing people

The handle is also aggressively textured, so much so that the area between the pocket clip and texture can and will rub your pants enough to rip them. This means the knife stays in your hand regardless of sweat, water or even blood. If you look at the knife, the blade seems a bit unproportionate. The handle itself is nice and wide, so it’s easy to grasp; even with gloves.

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The Conquest Tactical Fury - It's for stabbing people

The EDC lineup

The Conquest Tactical Fury has made its way into my line up as a secondary weapon. I still carry my Hogue auto knife as a tool, and it sticks in the right pocket. The Fury stays in my left pocket, ready to go if for whatever reason I can’t reach my gun. I feel confident should things get pokey I’m well prepared to do so.

The Conquest Tactical Fury - It's for stabbing people