Costa Sunglasses, popular with the professional waterman, recently introduced an oversized frame for larger heads. Named after a California point break, the Rincon exudes that West Coast surfer style. With an oversized squared off frame and gently turned down temples, the Rincon feels right at home on either a male or female face. Although I don’t consider myself a “big head”,  the oversized frame does provide an ample shield from the wind while cruising around the Great Lakes.

Costa Rincon

Always with concern for the planet, Costa Del Mar employs the use of castor plant bio-based resin for the frames. Utilizing seeds from the Castor plant to produce oil and bio-based resin, Costa can limit the use of petroleum-based resin. Further reducing carbon emissions and the need for conventional plastic. Costas innovative “planet saving” steps like this make them a leading steward of our waterways and environment. Costa only offers polarized lenses in their shades. And the 580P is what the Rincon sports. With seven different lens colors to suit all lighting environments, I chose the open water optimized blue mirror.


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Polarized lenses are a must while navigating on the waterways. Reducing the glare on the surface allows the user to pierce through and see what lies beneath. Great for fisherman trying to land that trophy gamefish. Or boat captains trying to avoid the dreaded prop strike in shallow waters. Anywhere in Northern Michigan, a person is no further than 5 miles from a waterway. Whether it’s a lake, river, stream or pond, we’ve got water everywhere. And for that reason, our family can be found boating, kayaking or swimming most weekends in the summer.

Costa Rincon
Perfect for cruising the waterways

I’ve been testing a couple of pairs of sunglasses from Costa this summer and so far, I’m really impressed. The construction, lens clarity and quality have been second to none. They are clearly designed for the water and truly excel over the competition in this category. Be sure to take a look at the Costa website and see what they have to offer. Each frame style and color can be configured with the various lens options. Making Costa one of the most versatile sunglass brands I’ve experienced.