Attending Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver this year, I noticed a recurring theme while meeting with manufacturers. Environmentally friendly manufacturing, Sustainability, Recycling, Upcycling, etc. There is a huge push in the outdoor sporting goods sector to save this planet we’ve been slowly destroying. One of these companies is Costa. Known for their exceptional eyewear, Costa Sunglasses has partnered with Bureo to recycle discarded fishing nets into high­ performance sunglasses in the Untangled Collection.

Untangled Collection
Bureo recycles discarded fishing nets

We all know there is a growing problem with plastic waste in the world’s oceans. Microplastics are showing up the fish population, mammals and even our bottled water. Which means we, as humans, are ultimately consuming these microplastics. Although we don’t know the long-term effects of this cycle, this is something we must address now. What’s even more hazardous to the environment are discarded fishing nets. Which make up ten percent of all plastic ocean waste. Bureo is making strides to reducing this number.

Untangled Collection info courtesy of Costa Sunglasses

The collection will include four new frame styles made from 100 percent recycled fishing nets, each featuring mineral glass polarized lenses, recycled aluminum Costa logos, PLUSfoam recyclable temple and nose pads, and a unique tumbled finish. The Untangled Collection includes two male/unisex styles, Pescador and Baffin; and two female styles, Victoria and Caldera. All styles feature Costa’s patented 580 Lightwave® Glass lenses, providing 100 percent UV protection and polarization to offer the clearest lenses on the planet. The Costa 580® color­enhancing lens technology selectively filters out harsh yellow light for superior contrast and definition and absorbs high­energy blue light to cut haze and enhance sharpness. In addition, Costa’s lens technology reduces glare and eye fatigue.

Untangled Collection
Just chillin on Burt Lake, Michigan

I’ve had the better part of the summer to test out a couple of frames from Costa. First off, the lenses are some of the best I’ve looked through in my life. The next time you’re in a sporting goods or fishing store, try on a pair. Then look outside and notice how vivid and crisp everything looks. And wait until you get on the water and really see what these polarized lenses are all about. Every time we used our boat this summer, we fought over the Rincon or Pescador. So I figured I’d better get the misses her own pair. Her review of the new Costa Sarasota is forthcoming.

Untangled Collection
Navigating Indian River. The Polarized lenses pierce through the surface glare to expose hidden hazards

Costa Pescador

The Pescador hails from the Untangled Collection and bears the distinctive marbled matte black frame. Coupled with the Polarized Blue Mirror 580 Glass lenses, the Pescador offers a truly unique look. The large sized frame is typical of the Costa brand and affords the wearer ample protection from the suns harmful rays as well as wind protection. The glass lenses of the Pescador are beautiful albeit a little heavier than typical polycarbonate lenses. There were a few occasions where looking down allowed the frame to slip on my nose. The C-Line Adjustable Retainer would solve this issue

Untangled Collection

So if you’re like me and have a serious sunglass issue, take a look at Costa. What’s another pair of sunglasses for your collection anyhow? Maybe do one better and grab a pair from the Untangled Collection. Not only will you have a high-quality pair of unique shades. You’ll be doing your part by supporting Costa and Bureo’s efforts to clean up the mess we as humans are making of this planet.