There are some places where toting a desert tan gun case slathered in MOLLE straps is a normal everyday occurrence. I don’t live in one of those places. I live in Austin, Texas. A place where it’s more socially acceptable to ride a unicycle down the street while wearing a tight plaid shirt, suspenders and an ironic neck tattoo than it is to exercise one of your fundamental civil rights. A new company is looking to give gun owners a little bit of cover when transporting their equipment to and from the range, disguising their firearms as something more “socially acceptable.” From comes the Guitar Gun Case.

Let’s get this out of the way up front: this really is just a guitar case that they have stuffed with foam. Its really nice foam — the kind that is pre-cut so you can pick out the pieces to fit your specific gun. But still just a guitar case and foam nonetheless. You can probably get the components and build this yourself in your basement, but what you’re buying from is the complete package already assembled and ready to roll.

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The case itself is pretty nice, featuring rigid sides (so as not to reveal what really is lurking within) and a faux leather finish. The handle is sturdy enough to keep your precious cargo from dropping unexpectedly to the ground, and there are three latches designed to keep the case closed.

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