The market for the discrete carry of firearms is only growing. At one point the industry took a sharp right turn at a sign reading smaller is better. I think this is due to the advent of pistol braces. Pistol braces have made unwieldy and often front heavy guns like the pistol variants of the AR 15, the CZ Scorpion, and many, many more. Now, these guns are small, but not small enough to wear in a holster and if one wanted to carry one how exactly would they do it? You’d want to be covert, and Elite Survival Systems has an option for you. The Covert Operations case is their specific solution to this carry problem.

Covert Carry

The Covert Operations case is designed for a variety of shooters. This includes trained armed professionals carrying actual SMGs and short barreled rifles. Personnel in these situations looking to remain undercover and discrete need a bag to carry these type of weapons in. You can’t exactly holster them.

Civilians have even turned more toward what I call SMG lites. These are semi-auto firearms, often pistols, that replicate the controls and function of an actual SMG. These guns are more advantageous than standard pistols in numerous ways. They are typically easier to fire, have a longer effective range, and pack a higher round count. Their overall design makes them easier weapons to use in all ways. Easier to control, easier to reload, easier to everything. If you are carrying one of these guns, it’s wise to do so in a discrete manner, and the Cover Operations case offers you this capability.

The Covert Operations Case – Inside and Out

On the outside, the Covert Operations Case looks like a rather large laptop bag. By large I mean its the bag you’d carry if you needed to make a dynamic presentation at an office job. With the Covert Operations Case, you could certainly make a dynamic presentation if the time called for it.

It’s made up of two pockets, one small on the outside one large pouch on the inside. The outside pouch is large enough to accommodate a variety of gear. Things like an IFAK, extra magazines, a flashlight, knives, all that fun operations gear you may need on a terrible day. The main pocket is where we stash the fun stuff.

The outside of the bag is very plain and completely untactical. It’s simple, as black, and outfitted with a shoulder carrying case and a standard set of briefcase handles. The shoulder carrying handle has a nice solid pad in case the bag gets a little heavy. The bag is made from 1000 denier nylon, so it’s tough and water resistant.

It’s On The Inside That Counts Right?

In the main pouch, you have a small wall of velcro with an attached three magazine SMG pouch.

This SMG mag pouch has two attachment points that allow you to connect the standard carrying strap to the magazine pouches. This makes it convenient to carry and use bandoleer.

The pouch then has a padded divider that keeps the pouches from rubbing on the star of the show. The star, of course, is your favorite compact SMG sized gun. This specific case is designed for firearms roughly the size of the MP5K. I found it fits my KPOS G2 with a Glock 17 and folded SB Tactical brave very well. if you’ve read Rex’s Ultra Short 300 Blackout barrels roundup you know that small 300 Blackout uppers would work too. With a broken down AR of course.

The back side of the bag has four straps to lock down 2 SMG sized weapons if need be. Of course, additional gear can be staffed in place of an extra gun.


Deploying the gun is quick and easy. The oversized zippers are easy to grip and rip, and the bag opens rapidly and with ease. The weapon retention straps are easy to access and can be defeated very quickly. You can grip and rip the gun and place it in action in just a few moments. It’d be best to seek cover first of course and remember this is more proactive than reactive. A handgun is reactive, meaning you a fight has come to you. The Cover operations case and what’s inside it is better suited if you are about to head into a fight.

Staying Grey

The Covert Operations case keeps things nice and discrete, lightweight, and well made. It’s simple but highly effective. The Covert operations case is perfect for discrete carry of larger than average weaponry. If you have a need you for a discreet carry bag the Covert Operations Case is for you.