We know what you were thinking, we were too. This lube is for a gun, not a holster. Rand CLP is one of the best firearms lubricants on the market, and one of the many products we have hand-selected to put in the Crate Club.

Rand CLP makes non-toxic, biosynthetic gun cleaning products for hunters and shooters. Rand CLP: Cleans, Lubricates, Protects,  and it is easy to use for gun cleaning or storage. It is imperative that you maintain your firearms in working order, and Rand CLP is a great one to keep in your toolkit.

Like many of the products in the Crate Club, these are all selected by former Special Operations personnel. Guys who have used the gear, put it through the most difficult conditions, and sign off on its reliability. If they don’t give it the stamp of approval, it doesn’t make it in the box. You can get some seriously badass gear delivered to your door every quarter by signing up for the Premium Crate Club below.

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