The Crate Club recently moved warehouses for several reasons, but mainly to streamline our product procurement and shipping services to the subscribers. We had to move ALL inventory from NJ to Ohio which has caused a significant delay in getting crates shipped out to customers. We now have all product in the new warehouse and are again 100% operational. Our team is working around the clock to get all the crates out to the subscribers. Here is an update video from today.

Here are some stats as of 10/10/2018 with regards to shipping the crates out.

  • Shipped – 989 of 13,969
  • Built – 1,244
  • Expected to build and ship an additional 2,000 tomorrow.
  • The plan is to have all shipments out by October 23rd.

We appreciate the patience and support of all our subscribers and look forward to better serving you out of our new facility.

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