Crate Club gets all the cool stuff. Gear and gun stuff I’ve never even heard of but is often pretty freaking sweet. The Madhouse Design Single Pistol mount is one such item. They call it a gun control system, and I tend to agree. This system is designed to allow you to store your weapon in a safe manner but still allow rapid access.

Madhouse Design has a Mad Design.

The system is extremely simple, but simple is good. The more complicated things get the greater chance they have to fail. This simple system is a total of three pieces. The base mounting rail, the swivel body, and pin. The pin alternates in size for your specific caliber firearm. The pins range from 22 LR, to 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP. The pin, if you haven’t guessed, goes down the barrel. The swivel body is attached to the rail via a screw and mount. The swivel body rotates the pin to seven different positions. It can slide up and down the 2-inch rail section for furthering position.

Madhouse Design Single Pistol Mount | First Look
The kit complete

The Madhouse Design base mounting rail resembles a picatinny rail and has two holes designed to screw the system into a base. This allows you to mount the system nearly anywhere. The pin that goes down the barrel is rubberized and won’t scrape or damage your bore. I’m planning to mount mine under my desk for a much-needed desk gun.

Madhouse Design Single Pistol Mount | First Look
The Kit in three pieces

Simple is Good

Assembly of the Madhouse Design Single pistol mount takes about 30 seconds, counting the time it takes to open the box. Putting it together isn’t an issue. The mount it to a platform all you need is a power drill and few wood screws. (Or screws for whatever material you are mounting the system on. As you can see via the pictures I haven’t mounted to my desk just yet, but the simplicity speaks for itself.

Madhouse Design Single Pistol Mount | First Look
7 Positions mounting

Testing this system won’t be difficult if it holds gun its good right? Maybe, but we’ll see how well it handles stress and over time, and just how heavy a gun can be with the system. Hopefully, I won’t break my desk, stay tuned and find out.

Gun in feature photo by Walther –

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