A recent road trip from Michigan to North Carolina put us right in the path of the new Crate Club distribution center in Kentucky. Only three minutes out of our way, we decided to pop in and see how things were going. Responsible for both Crate Club and Cuna Dog subscription boxes, GSD Logistics has a team of dedicated professionals picking, packing and shipping your boxes with care.

Anytime a company moves their distribution center, there will be a few hiccups. And we were no exception. A recent transition from our east coast location exposed how difficult it is to physically move this much merchandise. All while trying to keep the shipping channels open. As the kinks get worked out, Hurricane Group is spooling up the engines and pushing the throttles full forward. Now that we have settled into our new warehouse, expect more on-time deliveries from this centrally located facility and streamlined process.

And if you haven’t checked out these subscription options, here is a link to both.

Crate Club

Cuna Dog


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