The Benchmade SOCP changed the knife realm a bit. It wasn’t a huge influence on the tactical world overall but created a completely new genre of tactical knives. The close quarter’s tool was developed as the last line of defense for extremely close quarters combat. It’s made to be used when grappling on the ground when fighting over your weapon, or in any situation where things are too close to pull a gun. That works in the tactical world because in tactical situations you aren’t stressed about concealment. What about in your world? Or the Conus world in general? You can’t carry a SOCP with your khakis and polo. What you can carry is the Crate Club Tactical Pen.

Why the Crate Club Tactical Pen?

Like the Benchmade SOCP or any CQB tool in general, the Tac Pen is designed for extreme close quarters use. Unlike the SOCP it’s discrete, very discrete. It just looks like a pen. You can stash it in your front shirt pocket, your front pocket, or just clipped to your shirt. Or you can just carry it around in your hand. No one will know you have a weapon in hand.

Imagine a situation where you get taken to the ground before you can grab your gun or your knife. Your wrestling with an opponent, and maybe even fighting over your firearm. What can you do? How about you drive a sharp tungsten tip into your attacker’s neck, armpit, chest, eyes, or wherever else. Then do it again, and again, until you get away or get a bigger weapon.

What Else?

I would never break the law and try to sneak the Crate Club Tactical Pen onto a plane, or into an area that prohibits all weapons. However, in certain situations, there is a difference between policy and law. Maybe policy says I can’t carry a knife or gun, but does it say I can’t carry a Tac Pen? If so is it against the law? It’s up to you, but policies not backed by law have never been a concern to me.

Crate Club tactical pen: Stabbing with style

I like having a small tool that gives me each and every advantage possible in a fight. I only got one life, you’re damn right I’ll use tooth, claw, and pen to defend it.


The Crate Club Tactical Pen is a Discrete Stabbing tool, but it’s also a half decent survival tool. In a car accident where you need to punch out a window, you are well equipped to do so. The same goes for breaking in and out buildings during disaster situations. There aren’t many windows that can’t be opened with the Crate Club Tactical Pen.

Crate Club tactical pen: Stabbing with style
tungsten tip for penetrating glass, skin and bone.

Design Details

The Crate Club Tactical Pen is designed for stabbing. It features three textured rings for increased control and to really cement in your hand. The pointy end is raised around the grip to help prevent your hand from sliding forward when you meet resistance. The tungsten tip is strong enough to punch through thin metal.

Crate Club tactical pen: Stabbing with style

On the backside, the cap comes off and it is an actual pen. I don’t know much about pens, but the Crate Club Tactical Pen writes smoothly and looks stylish. Let’s be real though, it this isn’t for signing your John Hancock. It’s for stabbing bad guys.

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Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase