I learned how to cook from my mom, who would pull me into the galley on our sailboat to prepare a meal for our family while in the middle of our passage from Acapulco, Mexico to the South Pacific. You can get pretty creative in the middle of the Pacific. We used to have a hand line with a tuna skirt and big double hook, and we often caught fresh fish for dinner.

I also learned to grill from the crew and Captain of the dive boat I worked on as a kid. Captain James and Mike taught me how to clean fish, lobster, abalone, and sea urchin. During the summer, I’d spear tuna, calico bass, and halibut off the Channel Islands. Then I would filet the fish and cook it up fresh on the grill with some fresh lemon and pepper, not much else was needed.

The importance of a good blade to cut and cook with is something I learned as a young man. So, when the guys and I talked about what we’d like to see in a knife we came up with the features most important to us. We wanted a tough as hell blade that would remain razor sharp, open a beer bottle, dice meat and veggies with precision, and flip burgers on the grill. So we invented the last knife you’ll ever need. It’s coming soon, limited edition, and only for our premium members. So don’t forget to take advantage of our Labor Day weekend sale below, guys. This is one you really don’t want to miss.

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