Clint Emerson and his Book 100 Deadly Skills is a must-read for anyone who has an even passing interest in fieldcraft should read. It provides 100 Deadly Skills in an easy to digest format that provides vivids illustrations combined with easy to read and remember instructions. Crate Club has partnered with Clint before, but in my opinion, the Deadly Deck is my favorite collaboration. We’ve taken our 52 favorite Deadly Skills and built them into the Deadly Deck.

Crate Club’s Deadly Deck: Kill, Survive, Evade

What’s Inside the Deadly Deck?

I won’t go over every Deadly Skill but a few of my favorites include No. 68, Make a Diversionary Flash Device. Using a lighter and flint you can make a bright and powerful little distraction in just a minute or two.

Crate Club’s Deadly Deck: Kill, Survive, Evade

It’s easy. Take the lighter apart, remove the flint, wrap the Flint in the spring and heat until red hot. Once its red-hot throw it and run.

Another is No. 030, make a sap with some easy to find materials. This simple tool uses a fishing weight and a bandana to make a truly deadly tool. It’s certainly no toy. Keep watching Knowledgebase as we’ll have an article up on it soon, as well as how devastating it can be.

Crate Club’s Deadly Deck: Kill, Survive, Evade

This unique cards will make any card game more interesting, but also act as flash cards and training devices for the Deadly Skills. Some are simple like the aforementioned Sap creation, others are more complicated like stealing a plane, and properly disposing of a body.

These cards will certainly spice up a poker game, and if you know the cards well enough make it easy to have an advantage. If buddy A starts talking about how to Win a Knife fight you know he has the six of diamonds.

Crate Club’s Deadly Deck: Kill, Survive, Evade

The Outside

It should be noted these are high quality, gloss cards designed to last. They won’t tear and fray without a fight and if you spill a little scotch on them they’ll be okay. The cards feature the same easy to use high-quality illustrations from the 100 Deadly Skills Manual. The back features both Clint Emerson’s Violent Nomad Logo as well as the Crate Club logo.

Crate Club’s Deadly Deck: Kill, Survive, Evade

The Deadly Deck provides constant content in a sleek package perfect for playing cards, or studying discreetly at work, on the train, or wherever life may take you. It’s a survival manual that doesn’t look like a survival manual. What more could you ask for?

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Originally published on the Crate Club Knowledgebase