STUDY: Local apprehension, this individual has a known criminal history and previous weapon charges. Seen here is his “carry setup”. What looked to be a homemade off-centerline sheath for a slide button type construction/utility razor blade (later determined to be a well used utility knife carrier). The knife had a lanyard attached to the handle with keys on it which hung just below his untucked shirt to facilitate rapid access when grabbed and pulled. This was a well thought out, concealed, quick access setup. Considerations:

  1. Criminals study, train and practice. This is a well known fact based upon observation of criminals in and out of prisons.
  2. This setup, off-centerline, follows current training industry trends for edged weapon carry and access.
  3. If engaged with someone with this setup at an “within arms reach” confrontation how would your current skills stand up? Are you prepared to deal with a criminal who’s gone to these lengths to facilitate rapid weapon access and presentation?
  4. Does your standing grappling/clinch game and hand fighting address a counter weapon paradigm?
  5. Nothing fancy about these tools: homemade sheath and $10 box cutter type utility knife that can be thrown away or replaced easily. If there’s a will there’s a way and no amount of legislation can stop this.
  6. We live in a weapons based environment, never assume ANY confrontation to be weaponless. It is a necessity however to be as aware, willing and prepared as possible to deal with it.

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