Editors note: One of our loyal readers and owner of a CRKT Heiho knife contacted me the other day offering a quick tip to make the CRKT Heiho a little more usable. Here is what he had to say.

I like it very much but I found it to be “slick” in the hand. I remedied that with the strategic application of grip tape to the scales and now it’s rock solid. I don’t put tape too close to the clip to insure I get a smooth draw out of the pocket“. – Bill K.

CRKT Heiho Assisted Opening Personal Protection Knife
Bill K’s personal CRKT Heiho with the grip tape mod.

CRKT Heiho Folding Knife

Style of Knife: The CRKT Heiho is a spring assisted, compact folding personal protection knife designed by James Williams.

Blade Length: Blade length is 3.125″ with an overall length of 7″. I believe this size knife whether it’s a folding knife or concealed fixed blade is the ideal size.

CRKT Heiho Assisted Opening Personal Protection Knife

Type of Edge: The model I went with is a combo edge with the CRKT Veff Serrations.

The actual profile of the blade is based on the Japanese sword profile giving you the most efficient design for thrusting and slashing (just in a smaller package). In the following video James Williams discusses why he chose this design. Although he talks about the CRKT Hissatsu (big brother to the Heiho), the blade profile/design are the same.

Blade and Handle Materials: The blade steel is an 8Cr14MoV stainless steel. The handle material is made from G10 that is engraved with Japanese Kanji characters signifying “Strategy”.

CRKT Heiho Assisted Opening Personal Protection Knife

CRKT Heiho Assisted Opening Personal Protection Knife

Weight: A very lightweight 3.6 ounces. 

MSRP: MSRP is $69.99 direct from CRKT, but can be found on Amazon for around $31.

The CRKT Obake Fixed Blade Knife

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Unique Features(if any): Outburst Assisted Opening and a Locking Liner Safety. This ensures that first the knife opens extremely fast and that you can lock the blade open so that is doesn’t close on your hands under duress. The knife also comes with a deep carry pocket clip for discretion.

CRKT Heiho Assisted Opening Personal Protection Knife
Thumbdisk deployment and liner locking safety
CRKT Heiho Assisted Opening Personal Protection Knife
Deep Carry Pocket Clip

Application: The CRKT Heiho is a small non-tactical looking knife that can be used as both a tool and if need be a weapon. When folded the knife appears to be more of a “gentleman’s” folder. This gives it a more non-threatening profile when opened and used in public areas or in an office.

Bottom Line/Overall Performance: I just received this knife. I will carry it daily for a few weeks and give you all an update of how it carries and performs. Stay tuned…

Gear shown in this article

CRKT Heiho Knife

CRKT Veff Sharp Sharpening System

Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA

Zebra Pen

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