Crossfire’s Alaskan Medium – Large Revolver Holster

I’ve been looking for a holster for my wife’s .357 S&W 686 cannon for a while.  Hey what can I say, I got the pick of the litter.  Until I came across Crossfire’s Alaskan series the holsters were all inadequate.  Seems most large revolver holsters don’t cover the trigger guard and for me that’s a deal killer.  The ones I did find were made of flimsy nylon.

Crossfire’s Alaskan series of holsters addressed all these issues and offered a slew of features I have yet to see in other offerings.   The Alaskan is made of tough 1680 denier Ballistic Nylon fabric.  The nylon is substantial and retains its shape which is especially important when reholstering and you want your holster to stay open so you don’t need a second hand to holster. It comes in any color you want as long as that’s black.  They do offer a whopping 20 different sizes though covering 3″ to 9″ barrels.

Crossfire’s Alaskan Medium – Large Revolver Holster

An unexpected benefit and major advantage to this holster is its versatility of carry. The holster is ambidextrous.  It has a belt loop on each side so you can thread your gunbelt through it for left or right carry.  The loop isn’t anything fancy so you can’t adjust for cant and it will slide between pant belt loops.  It also has a padded strap which allows you to wear it on your waist or crossdraw over either shoulder.

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