Ever since I was old enough to drink, and maybe a little before, my number in choice has been Crown Royal. My dad drinks it, I drink it, my whole family drinks it. Crown Royal is a quality Canadian whiskey, but we won’t hold that against them. Every bar I go to, in every country I visited, Crown has been my choice.

Crown offers a wide variety of whiskeys, to include things like Apple, maple, honey, salted caramel, and vanilla. The real MVPs of the crown line up are their higher end stuff. While the original Crown Royal is delicious, they also offer (in lowest to highest price) Crown Reserve, Crown XO, and Crown XR(extra rare). My father and I are both avid Crown drinkers so we decided to do a blind taste test. We compiled an arrangement of glasses with a variety of Crown flavors including Crown Royal, Reserve, XO, XR, black, maple, and vanilla. The maple and vanilla were obviously easy to recognize but as for our top two favorites, they were Crown Reserve and Crown XO. Ever since that test, I stick to those two now. Both are smooth whiskeys that can go down easily if you are drinking them straight or if you are mixing them with something else, like 7-up.

Crown has been fueling gunfighters since 1939, in their off time of course. They are continually releasing special blend and limited run whiskeys so there is always something new to try. I actually just found out about a new Crown that I’m going to try, Crown Texas Mesquite. Enjoy your Crown, live life, and drink responsibly. Be a classy Gunslinger.

Author – Wes Nanny