Crux \ˈkrō\ is a suppressor company that is pushing the envelope and is fast becoming known for building the leading suppressor on the market.  The overwhelming response to their performance is the reason they are seeing such growth in the market.

And they are not afraid to prove it; with so much fluff marketing out there, Crux Suppressors takes an entirely different approach by actually demonstrating proven performance.  They were so confident in the accuracy of their suppressor that they not only set a new record for longest suppressed shot, they did it in front of the best of the best at the 2014 National Guard Sniper Competition Demo Day. Talk about credible witnesses.

Crux Suppressors are Light, some of the lightest on the market, shattering the competition especially in their .338 Lapua Magnum Suppressors. They are accurate, consistent, and tough.  Of course, every rifle is different, but many professional shooting competitors are seeing very minimal to no POI shift from unsuppressed to suppressed.

For suppressor re-attachment, there is no POI shift, but hold on, it doesn’t stop there for POI shift. You can even change suppressors and shoot a different serial number and they both shoot to the exact same place.  And that’s not all, you can even change between different models of suppressors from short to long and they hold the exact same zero.  This was even done while setting the longest suppressed shot record at 3670 yards by zeroing a .338 Norma Mag with a Crux Nemesis338 (6”) Suppressor, taking it off and setting the record with an Crux Ark338 (7.5”) Suppressor with no adjustments for POI shift because there is none.

Their Precision Mounting System (PMS) is also proving to be more accurate than direct thread applications. There are multiple design features that overcome and just do a better job than direct thread designs, and at the same time you get all the modularity of quick disconnect (QD) designs. The PMS systems gives you superior accuracy while QD designs take away accuracy.

But are Crux Suppressors quiet? How about the quietest 338 Lapua Magnum Suppressors on the market? Their technology is so good that the Ark338 (7.5”) is unbelievably quiet; as quiet as some 10 – 18” suppressors on the market, but the Crux Ark338 only adds 5.5” in length using their Precision Mounting System, and weighs in at 12 ounces.  They also have a signature tone that is unlike any suppressor that we’ve heard.  While some suppressors register quiet on a decibel meter their ear piercing high pitch makes their hearing safe numbers seam questionable, sitting behind a Crux Suppressor’s low tone makes you feel like you’re shooting the Ferrari in the industry and it will make you want to pull that trigger all day.

How do Crux Suppressors defy what is known of current suppressor technology?  From what was explained to me, there’s a lot of engineering that goes into it.  I’ll try my best to outline how they do it. It all lies in their monocore (internal baffles made from 1 solid piece of Titanium) technology and their design for manufacturing principles.  Addressing the later first, if you are able to make every suppressor the exact same way and the manufacturing processes are not pushed outside of that process’ capabilities, then you have a product that performs the exact same way, every time.

For their baffle technology they took a completely different approach than others.  Where traditional suppression techniques use turbulence to slow the release of gasses, Crux suppressors patented an approach that uses flow, or tornado/cyclone techniques. It was explained to me as if I wanted to throw a baseball thru a wind storm; the baseball will slow down, change its vector, but it will make it to a destination in a relatively short time.  Now, throw that baseball at a tornado, what happens?  It gets sucked up, joins the tornado and becomes part of that tornado until it loses enough energy to release it  This is why they are able to go shorter and lighter with their suppressors and maintain great suppression. The more dense the tornado is, the more work the suppressor does.  This is why no other company to date has been able to make a hearing safe 7.5” .338 Lapua Magnum suppressor.

Crux is able to use the laws of nature to work in their favor while old suppressor technology is working against the laws of nature and physics. Another aspect in all of this is bending the gas streams at the right moment in time. Try passing a bullet through a tornado… Not a good thing. So Crux suppressors is able to do what they do behind the bullet and not with it or in front of it. Beyond this it gets real technical and frankly I start getting glassy eyed, but I know one thing: Crux Suppressors are the best in the business.

Another thing Crux Suppressors believes in is the customer. They swear by never changing mounting system designs to try and sell more suppressors, so the suppressor you buy today will work with future technology. They believe in treating their customers as the important and valued individuals they are. They also do not believe in making suppressors that are only rated for .300 Blackout. If a 30 caliber bullet can pass through it then make it so that it can handle every mainstream 30 caliber platform. So ever suppressor is rated for 300 WinMag and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Be sure to check out Crux Suppressors today.

(Featured Image Courtesy: Crux Suppressors)