The world of aftermarket parts for your Glock is flooded with options, some good quality and some so much. Let me save you a little time scouring the internet and doing a side by side comparisons for the next two weeks between all of the extended mag releases.

The CruxOrd extended mag release is a direct replacement for the stock mag release. It is made out 6061 aluminum with an anodized finish. It is a simple upgrade to install and is a great alternative to the stock plastic mag release in that It allows you to eject an empty mag without any adjustment of your grip. The CruxOrd extended mag release also has a nicely ribbed surface that gives a nice grip to it.

CruxOrd Extended Mag Release

The CruxOrd extended mag release is available for most Gen4 Glock pistols and comes in only one color, black. The MSRP is 24.99 directly from and it is definitely worth every penny to replace your stock plastic junk with. I saved the best part for last, it’s made in the great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

CruxOrd Extended Mag Release

Author – Wes Nanny

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