When you are looking for something really light and durable, there is one great piece of equipment that should come to your mind: Crye Airlite Plate Carrier.

AirLite™ is a material system they developed with one goal in mind; reduced weight. Much of the weight of a traditional armor system isn’t in the armor. The carrier itself accounts for a significant portion of the overall weight of a traditional vest. By combining the base fabric and a modular attachment system into a single ultra-minimal material, AirLite™ can cut nearly 40% of the weight of the non-armor portions of an item.  Made of a custom composite material that is engineered to be exceptionally light, strong, and durable, AirLite™ is the original, often-imitated solution for extreme light weight gear. Ideal for applications where reduced weight is the priority.

Courtesy of Crye Precision. this is the EK01 version.

There are 4 variations of the plate carrier and 1 chest rig version. The EK01 and EK02 can fit standard SAPI plates while the EK03 and EK04 are ready to receive swimmer-cut plates.

Ideal for low-vis and covert ops operations, the Airlite weights between 9.2 oz to 12.8 oz depending on the size and the model. The EK02 and EK04 comes with built-in 6’’ wide side plate pockets.

Courtesy of Crye Precision, this is the EK04 version.

Another great feature is the immediate water drainage. That feature is a great thing for soldiers who carries out VBSS or needs to be dry as much as possible (aren’t we all in that category …)

Price range from $170.00 USD for the EK01 and EK03 (without the built-in 6’’ wide side pockets) and $185.00 USD for the EK02 and EK04 who has them.

The AirLite™ Chest Rig is made with the same revolutionary material used in all our AirLite™ plate carriers and accessories. This means you get the least weight with the maximum durability and strength. The AirLite™ Chest Rig integrates seamlessly into all their AirLite™ carriers and is also compatible with our other plate carriers such as the LV-MBAV and LV-RBAV.

Courtesy of Crye Precision
Courtesy of Crye Precision, this is the Airlite Chest Rig

Weighting only 4 oz and ultra-low profile, the Airlite Chest Rig could prove ideal for operations such as VIP escorts and protection.

So if you need something light, durable, high speed and amazing, you should definitely check these out!


(Featured Image courtesy of Defense Review, an EK01 with the Chest Rig attached to it)