The world we live in today has become unpredictable and to a point dangerous. You never know when and if something bad is going to happen, but we can’t stop living life just because of what we see on the news every night. There are certain things that you can do and gear that you can carry to increase your odds of survival in the event you find yourself in the midst of an active shooter or terrorist attack. We’ve written several articles giving you some ideas on how to react during those situations, as well as items you can carry with you everyday such as a flashlight, pocket knife, or even a firearm if you’re a licensed to carry concealed.

As part of the Premium Crate level membership we try to work with companies to bring you exclusive gear ONLY available through the Crate Club. In the following video Drew Dwyer puts the new custom Crye Precision soft armor insert to the test. This is a custom item that Crye designed with input for the Crate Club. This was in our previous Premium Crate.

For those of you that do not carry concealed or find yourself at a venue that does not permit that, what can you do to protect yourself from an active shooter? Well if you carry a sling bag or backpack as an everyday carry bag, then you can insert a soft armor panel into the laptop sleeve, which gives your bag a ballistic shield against most handgun rounds. It won’t stop rifle rounds, but something is better than nothing.

Enter Crye Precision.

The SOFREP December Premium Crate item was a Crye Precision Soft Plate Armor Backpack Insert! Check out the video by Brandon Webb showing the insert that will be going out in the Premium December Crate.

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