About a year ago I decided that I wanted to include a trauma/active shooter medic bag on my gear line up.  I looked around at the various manufacturers and didn’t really see anything that fit my needs.  Even though I’m an EMT I was looking for a very basic loadout.  My planned load would consist of Israeli bandages, HyFin chest seals, CAT & SWAT-T tourniquets, nasal airways, a light source, EMT shears, duct tape, and gloves.

CSM Gear Custom Medic Bag

After not finding anything I reached out to Mike McMillan (AKA Doc Mike) of CSM Gear.  Mike is a real-deal retired Navy Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman and his experience shows in his designs.  I’ve been using CSM Gear for years now, Mike is a one guy operation and is in some ways a sleeper in the nylon gear industry.  Everything he builds is solid and bombproof and the best part is that he is willing to take on individual custom projects for customers.

I wanted something built on the basic design of the claymore bag but with some special features to my needs.  After a couple of emails and phone calls, we locked in the design and specs and he went to work.  A few weeks later a package arrived containing two bags.  One for me and one for my daughter who is a Nurse.  The basic design is that of the traditional claymore bag but when you open it each pouch has a slit pocket behind it which is ideal for a notebook, chest seals, masks, and other flat items.  The main pockets are perfect for tourniquets, Israeli bandages, and other bulkier items.  On the back side is a built-in pocket for a pair of EMT shears and a pouch for one of Mikes, “McMillan tourniquets”.

CSM Gear Custom Medic Bag

Additionally, there is a slit pocket that runs across the back that seals with Velcro that is perfect for carrying a flashlight, rescue tool, and a bottle of Purell with plenty of room to spare. Of course on the front, there is a Velcro area for name tapes or medical identifier patches.  The bag has a grab handle and a shoulder strap as I have it packed it is light, quick, and easy to access your supplies.  I very happy with this bag and highly recommend that if you check out the CSM Gear website for their line of nylon gear or contact Mike with your custom needs.

Author – Art Dorst served in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserves and eventually retired as an NCO from The Army National Guard.  He is also a retired municipal Police Officer, a Certified EMT, NRA Instructor, and is currently a security provider/trainer.