Shooting steel targets is a valuable option for training and it’s fun.  CTS Targets offer innovative solutions to the problems you encounter when wanting to shoot steel without losing the basic needs of superior quality, hard steel, with exceptional value.

The target I had the opportunity to test and evaluate was the 8” 3/8” Gong AR500 Target with the CTS Gong Hanger Kit that features innovative hanging links called quick-attach CTS Hooks, 2 1/4” thick grade-70 chains (2’ of each), and 2 grade 8 bolts with nuts. The gong and hanger kit MSRP at $34.99 and $24.99.

CTS Targets: Solid Solutions for Shooting Steel

The design of the target is simple and straightforward that just works.  The magic of this set-up is the Gong Hanger Kit with those fancy hanging links that work wonderfully.

I’ve been training on this set-up for a couple of months now and have around 2,000 rounds of pistol and .223 rifle on it.  It’s holding up great and gives a good loud report when hit.

CTS Targets: Solid Solutions for Shooting Steel
CTS Targets: Solid Solutions for Shooting Steel

CTS offers complete target solutions and an innovative approach to targets.  I would encourage you to check them out and give them a shot for your steel target solutions.

CTS provides American Made products that are safe, simple, and innovative.  CTS laser cuts the AR500 steel that they use to retain the hardness.  The standard steel targets that CTS offers are made from 3/8” stock and can take impacts from pistol rounds as close as 15 yards and at 100 yards can withstand rifle rounds up to a 30-06.  If you’re looking to shoot bigger booms at your steel, they offer 1/2” options that perform well with rifles up to .338 Lapua at 200 yards.  If you need more options, give Matt at CTS a call and come up with a custom option in any thickness!

Overall opinion: Great targets and cool hanging options.  Steel is a wonderful option for training that we love using at Willapa Firearms Training.  If you venture out to SW Washington, come train with us and see what kind of noise you can make on our steel.