AlumaGrips has been my recent source for great great grips.  Earlier we showed you a basic set of 1911 grips in this article.  When AlumaGrips added options for America’s rifle, the AR-15 I grabbed a set for my Freedom Ordnance FX-9 Pistol as seen here.  What I hadn’t yet experienced was their custom-order process.  A few quick clicks and I had designed and ordered a set of 1911 grips just how I wanted them.

The process is quick, easy, and visual.  Unlike other custom-order experiences that leave you hoping things will turn out the way you want them to AlumaGrips has a graphic interface that shows you what the grips will look like on a 1911.  You can even change the color or style of the modeled 1911 to match yours.  See the process in a screen capture clip in the video below.

Of course I have affinity for my own GBGuns emblem, but who doesn’t like their own emblem?  The black and silver combo on the hard chrome Bobcut from Metro Arms is an undeniable match and certainly give the gun an all-business look.

Turn-around time is two to four weeks and very acceptable considering the grips are CNC machined from aluminum and then altered to your needs.  A lot of my 1911s have ambi safeties with a tang and that can make finding grips a chore.  With AlumaGrips that wasn’t a problem, in fact they even have mag well options that I hadn’t heard of.

If custom isn’t your thing and you just want a solid grip to work in all weather give their “grater” grips a try.  For an ultimate test I tried some on a 6″ 10mm from Rock Island.  More on that pistol here.  Video of the grips in action below.

I’m curious to hear from our readers.  How would you build your custom grips?  What emblem would you like?  Let us know in the comment section below.