GERBER has just released their Empower series automatic knives. The Empower automatic knife has a quick, confident grip that opens with a snappy aggressiveness that reassures the user that is ready when you need it.

The Empower knives are Made in the USA from components that are also made in the USA, learn more about Gerber’s commitment to American manufacturing here.

The knives have a unique appearance with a Type 3 anodized aluminum panel called an Armored Grip™ that is photo chemically etched.  In the hand, it gives a quick, confident grip.  The knife is based on the field proven Propel model of knives and feature a Fine Edge, a false-edge spear-point, Plunge Lock, and a surprisingly friendly to the pocket finish.



The knife is expected to be available in May of 2018 and retail for approximately $125.00.  They will offer 4 distinct styles, each with varying color and material combinations.

If you’re looking for an attractive, battle-proven automatic knife that is there when you need it, check out the Empower Automatic Knife available at

I look forward to getting my hands back onto this great knife and seeing how it performs in my day-to-day life and law enforcement tasks.