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“Daddy, I’m scared.”

Your heart jumps at the words on your phone. Your 22-year-old daughter volunteers at an inner-city mission church. The surrounding neighborhood has suddenly been transformed into a war zone by protesters ignited by another police shooting and accelerated by politicians bearing agendas. She is safe in the church for now along with the pastor’s family, but there is a burning police car on the street outside. Rioters are looting nearby businesses and starting fires. The cops have been ordered to stand down so as not to further aggravate the violence.

You live in the suburbs 45 minutes away. Forty-six minutes later, you pull your SUV into an abandoned parking lot a block away from the repurposed church. You point your Sig Sauer P516 pistol at the floor and rack a round into the chamber. Snapping the bulky handgun into your DeSantis carry rig, you slip out of the vehicle and into the darkness. The nearby flames cast grotesque shadows across the derelict cityscape. You can hear rhythmic chanting in the distance—something about killing police officers.

A decade ago, the preceding fiction would have been the worst sort of vapid paranoid tripe. However, much has changed about America over the last two presidential terms. There have been 25 riots and race-driven mass shootings in the United States since 2010. Ferguson, Missouri, has a population of just over 20,000 souls. Baltimore, Maryland, has approximately 621,000. So it really could happen just about anywhere.

Barack Obama was the most effective gun salesman in American history. Americans who never would have otherwise considered touching a black rifle began buying them. Fortunes were made in the business. As a nation, we got a whole lot pricklier.

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