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It might be hard to keep up with all the ARs on the market, even the big bores — you know, the 7.62mm NATO/.308 Winchester beasts. Daniel Defense was late to that particular arena, but the DD5V1 was certainly worth the wait. To piggyback that, its new sibling — the DD5V2 — is our “gun of the month” for August.

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Why does the DD5V2 get the title? For starters, it comes with a longer 18-inch barrel. The rifle also features a Geissele SSA trigger, ambidextrous controls and a rifle-length gas system. That’s all on top of previous hallmarks, like ergonomic furniture and Daniel Defense’s four-bolt connection system to secure the barrel and handguard.

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The rifle is just plain cool. If you pair it with one of Daniel Defense’s new 3D-printed, one-piece Wave 7.62mm suppressors, you’ll definitely be the top dog in your zip code.

The DD5V2 has an MSRP of $3,044.

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Article and photo courtesy of Tactical Life