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Daniel Defense Releases DDM4V7S Seriously Bitchin Rifle

Richard “Swingin’ Dick” Kilgore and Jake “Slim” Call

JTF Awesome member Daniel Defense has released a new rifle — the DDM4V7S. This is a smaller, SBR (Seriously Bitchin’ Rifle) version of their DDM4V7 (which is, of course, also pretty badass). The new SBR is made in the USA and uses an M-LOK DD MRF XS 10.0 barrel (because everyone loves acronyms) built around a cold hammer forged 11.5 in. barrel. Note that this makes it an NFA item, because, you know, short barreled rifles are known to overthrow governments and slaughter people indiscriminately.

It’s a carbine length gas system they say will provide smooth, reliable cycling under harsh conditions. It will also reduce felt recoil. Yes, we know an M4 or AR15 doesn’t exactly slam the shoulder like a .620 Nitro Express, but let’s face it — lots of smaller framed shooters, or those with physical limitation, will benefit from any recoil mitigation…and so will you, no matter how strident your Beardy McTactical Facebook declamations are.

Let’s see, what else…well, here’s how Daniel Defense describes it:

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