There has been a new paradigm shift for ballistics in the precision rifle shooting community!  DARPA, the secretive government development and research agency, awarded Cubic Corporation a $6 million contract to develop what they call a “laser emitting targeting computer”. The intent is to deploy this new technology within the Special Operations Sniper community, then after they have their go with it they will make it available to the average Military Sniper.

The bullet will navigate itself for up to a mile before connecting with its target.  A report released earlier this year revealed that the scientists had already engineered a prototype that was effective out to 2 kilometers.

Each “self-guided bullet” is around 4 inches in length.  At the tip lies an optical sensor that can detect a laser beam being shone on a far-off target. Actuators inside the bullet gather information from the bullet’s sensor allowing them to steer using tiny fins to guide the bullet accurately to its intended target. The bullet can self-correct its navigational path 30 times a second, all while flying more than twice the speed of sound!”

In summary…ballistics as we once knew them, has moved to the next level!