(Article courtesy of Tactical Life)

There are a lot of ARs on the market right now, but they are far from equal, and it is always a pleasure to find one done right. Black Dawn‘s new BDR-556-3GLW, a lightweight AR built for 3-Gun matches, certainly qualifies as a high-quality, purpose-built rifle that delivers the goods without breaking the bank.

When it comes to 3-Gun rifles, weight and reliability are two major considerations. Of course, having a rifle that allows one to move quickly, accurately engage multiple targets and avoid fatigue is of great value to any shooter, especially competitors and tactical operators.

This was the challenge Black Dawn decided to take on in building the BDR-556-3GLW rifle—to provide shooters with a lightweight, high-quality gun at a reasonable price. The company is not simply another AR assembler but rather a full-service manufacturer that produces many of its own parts. Black Dawn is known for making top-notch parts when it couldn’t find parts that met its needs.

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