If you are looking to improve the quality of sight on your handgun, swing by dawsonprecision.com for excellent service and an even better product. I recently installed the Dawson Precision rear adjustable and front fiber optic sights on my Glock 35 and so far, I am very impressed.

Dawson Precision Rear Adjustable and Front FO Sight

The rear adjustable sight is black and serrated to eliminate any glare on sunny days. It has a .125″ notch and is completely adjustable for elevation and windage. Having a rear adjustable sight is very important if you do or intend to reload your own ammunition. Also, this can come in handy in todays market since ammunition is not as readily available and many times changing ammo will change the point of impact with your weapon of choice.

The front sight is a fiber optic post and is .100″ wide. Having a narrow post is very advantageous for quick target acquisition. In contrast to the rear sights, the FO front stands out like a sore thumb and has already enabled me to improve my time from draw to first round fired.

Dawson Precision Rear Adjustable and Front FO Sight

One of the great things about Dawson is that they send you everything that you need to install your new sights. If you are not comfortable with performing the sight change yourself, for a small fee you can send in your weapon and they will do the install for you as well as sight in the pistol. They have sights available for virtually every make and model of pistol as well as holsters, AR components, tools, etc.

Having both the front and rear sight cost me about $130.00 shipped. Although that may sound steep for most people, it was well worth it for the great service, amazing competition sights, and the reduced target acquisition time.