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Volusia County, Fla., is known all over the world for its incredible beaches, including Daytona Beach, which is so wide at points that starting in the early 1900s, cars began to race on the firm sand. The northeastern coast of Florida became the epicenter for early motorsports, and in 1947, NASCAR was founded in Daytona Beach. Volusia County is now synonymous with high-speed racing, and several times a year the area is flooded with participants and spectators for races at the Daytona track as well as the famous “Bike Week,” where motorcyclists come from all over the world to fill the area’s hotels, businesses and roads. To meet the challenges of serving the community, as well as hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists during these events, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) has some of the best personnel, training and gear available.

Volusia County’s law enforcement challenges are similar to most other large agencies having to deal with property crimes, such as theft from cars, homes and businesses, as well as some gang-related issues and drug distribution. VCSO deputies are responsible for patrol and criminal investigative services, and the agency has a number of specialized units, including narcotics, auto theft, intelligence, aviation, bomb disposal, SWAT, dive team, K9, a marine unit and security at the Daytona Beach International Airport.

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