DDR Knives changed the name of its recently-revealed composite blade configuration from ‘Zipper’ to ‘Fusion’ in response to a post on social media by maker Michael Walker. Walker took issue with the similarities between the DDR Knives composite construction and his own Zipper Blade style.

The DDR Knives composite pattern debuted on their AOD and new MOAB models. DDR named the pattern “Zipper” because the spine of Damascus was attached to a Stellite 6K blade with a decorative interlocking look. Walker, who has been making a signature style of knife called Zipper Blades since 1990, expressed his frustration with the similarities to his work in this social media post made yesterday:

Decided to repost this blatant knockoff of my Zipper by Darrel Ralph, @darrel_ralph_ddr .Even had the audacity to call it a Zipper. When you do not have any original ideas of your own then stealing is your only option I suppose. “Design” means absolutely nothing without the idea. Anyone with a pencil and paper can call themselves a designer. This industry has never condemned plagerism, and in some ways even condones and promotes it. Let me be clear there is a big difference in sharing ideas and just taking . Have I not contributed enough to this industry? The list of what I have contributed for everyone to use is long. Linerlock, framelock, ball detent, captive stop pin, titanium, anodized titanium, first carbon fiber knife, first billet clip, pocketed spring linerlock, titanium pivot, etc, etc, .Was this not enough??? Just what has Darrel Ralph contributed? Share if you want.

Walker, well-known as the inventor of the liner lock, patented the Zipper Blade construction in 1990 – the patent has since expired.

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