Most often, the first company to bring a new class of product to market receives the lions share of attention for the first couple of years. However, it seems to me it’s the company who perfects the system over time who goes down as the ultimate winner.  Such may be the case with Dead Foot Arms.  While DFA isn’t the first company to bring folding stock tech to the AR platform, at first blush it seems they may have the best setup of all available options.

I first say DFA’s Modified Cycle System (MCS) at Triggrcon 2018 and it looked great.  Combined with their folding barrel setup, a reasonable sized AR folded down to surprising dimensions.  One of the big perks of the MCS system and folding stocks is the ability to fire when the stock is still folded and is compatible with semi- and full-auto rifles.

Check out the below video by the VSO Gun Channel which does a thorough walkthrough of the system.

Rex Nanorum


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