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In Defense of the Trunk Gun
Dave Merrill

The subject of the Trunk Gun has gained in popularity over the last few years, and with the recent events in San Bernardino it’s come up again. Not all of the commentary on Trunk Guns has been positive, and while some of the responses on both sides have been well reasoned and articulate, that hasn’t been the case across the board. Not everyone understands exactly what the Trunk Gun is and what it’s for.

It’s a relatively common practice to have a handgun that sits 24×7 in a car. But a handgun in the trunk does not a Trunk Gun make.

So what is a Trunk Gun? The moniker is actually a tad misleading. A Trunk Gun isn’t just any old firearm thrown in a trunk. A Trunk Gun is a rifle or carbine that’s always in a vehicle. It doesn’t have to stay in the trunk (and often isn’t put there in the first place) and it’s most certainly a long arm of some type.

In Defense of the Trunk Gun

To reiterate, the two most important attributes of a Trunk Gun is that it’s dedicated to a vehicle and that it offers an increased capability over your sidearm. Maybe there should be a change of vernacular to make it more clear but everything I’ve come up with falls short. “Car Carbine” comes close though.

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